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The strength of cardboard lies in its multiple possibilities: it can be glued, cut and folded in every way in order to create a custom item for you.

We mainly use lamination for the manufacturing of packaging, binders, placards, holders, boxes etc. This process allows us to fully reproduce your image on a specific support. We work on a piece of paper that will then be laminated with the cardboard afterwards.

Cardboard can thus be transformed into a practical and attractive packaging. We set up precise specifications together with you, which allows your to do the right thing when it comes to the product type, required size and durability according to the intended uses.

  • Pouches,
  • Binders,
  • Folders,
  • Mousepads,
  • etc.



Polypropylene is an robust, unchanging matter, opaque or transparent, that is 100% recyclable. Its marking surface allows silkscreen or offset printing.

You choose the format and the accessories such as clasps or handles,
so that you will get an original and handy creation, at a reasonable price.



Leather is a natural product.

We still do leatherwork by hand for your small or large series, whether it is imitation, split or top-end, full-grain leather. We create, transform and personalise it to fit your requirements: document holders, folders, binders, card holders, key rings etc.


We continually invest in order to reduce our ecological footprint: the PVCs and polypropylenes we use are 100% recyclable.

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