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About Norel

Norel is a business on a human-scale that was established in 1981. We're located 10 minutes from the city center and can be easily reached, just on the edge of the Brussels Ring Road. Norel provides you with a broad range of services: LOGISTICS – PRINTING – PAPERBOARDS & FULFILLMENT.


Based on our strong 30 years of experience, we possess a great adaptability. The large number of services offered by our SME allows us to support you through your various projects.

You benefit from a single point of contact for all areas.


In addition to be more effective, this individualized relationship enables you to save a lot of valuable time in researches and  approaches while giving you the opportunity of focusing on your priorities.

We don't impose you a ready-made solution; we make propositions and make them available to you with all of our experience in these various areas, which are now all under one roof: Norel, an a la carte service. Take whatever you need according to your requirements and your budget. We'll do the rest.

We are continuously investing to reduce our ecological footprint and preserve our planet. An example of our environmental commitment: in order to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions, we replaced our traditional lightning by LED technology.

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